someone poops on my face

Date: 1/30/2017

By oscinian

The dream starts with someone actually shitting on my face. My eyes are closed, some gets in my mouth but I can't taste anything. I get really pissed obviously. The dream jumps, and I'm now in court against the guy who shit on my face. I'm not letting this fucker get away with it. I play an audio recording of the event because I didn't see anything when it happened, basically telepathically sending the memory to thr jury. It's the guy's turn to defend himself, and his defense is "you can't really know that someone's getting shit on from the audio" "there's no video evidence. I rest my case". The dream jumps and I think I wake up, but I'm actually still dreaming. The dream now consists of me describing the court situation to my mom. Her response is like "yeah, that IS bullshit!" I then wake up for real.