Date: 7/21/2017

By TheBrunette102

There's a woman (named her Blondie to save confusion for later) sat on a swing in the back garden of her house. I think the bars for the swing were once bright pink but the colour looks to be faded from time. It's her birthday. I'm not sure how old she was turning because I didn't see a cake in the dream or balloons with a number on it, but I'd guess that was maybe turning 26 or 27. She has blonde hair (which is kinda scruffy, like it hadn't been brushed in a while or washed) and she's wearing a party sort of outfit but it's kinda trashy (maybe something a street hooker would wear?). I think it was like a really cheaply made mini dress sort of thing. Her face has heavy makeup on it, but it doesn't look like it was applied by someone who knew what they were doing. Her parents are there, and I think a few of her friends are too. There are presents waiting to be unwrapped. She starts to get angry and embarrassed because her parents are talking loudly about how they had sex on the swing when Blondie was a kid. Her mum is quite fat. I didn't see what anyone else looked like. Blondie suddenly starts shouting at her mum. I'm not quite sure on the exact words but it was something like "how in the fuck could you have had sex on my swing when I was a kid! I love this swing!" She might have then thrown the presents around, I'm not sure. The scene sort of changes and it feels like it's maybe one year later because it's her birthday again. Only now I can feel happiness. Blondie still looks the same but I think her hair looked a lot better and she didn't have as much makeup on this time. I could be remembering it wrong but that's what it seems like. She's opening up all the presents with excitement as her parents and friends watch her. I only remember what one gift was. I don't remember what the other gifts were specifically but I sort of remember them being made of plastic and like they'd break easily because they're cheaply made. They seemed like kids toys. But Blondie was really happy to recieve them. The last gift she had to open was from her parents (I think), and it moved a little. She opened it really excited, and saw this small orange cat looking up at her. It had yellow eyes and to me, it felt evil. But she seemed to love it until the cat started attacking her arms and trying to swipe at her. I remember the claws digging in and lots of scratching. The cat was growling and hissing. I remember those fucking creepy yellow eyes so clearly. This scene then changed completely, and I was in a really nice living room. To make this clear, I wasn't there as Blondie, I was just sort of watching the scene as me, like I was watching a film. The room was all clean, white and modern. Like someone had spent a great deal of money making it look that nice. I don't remember the room in detail, but I do remember some things that seemed important. I saw balloons (hot pink in colour, didn't see a number though) and gifts in pink wrapping paper. There was a guy there. I'd say he seemed to be in his late 20s. He was dark haired with some stubble on his face and jaw, could have been wearing all black. He had a slim but athletic build. I think he was pacing up and down, and he seemed to be getting increasingly mad the more he paced. Then he suddenly grabbed one gift at random and threw it at the wall. The door then opened and Blondie walked in. He started shouting at her and again, I don't know what the exact words were but I vaguely remember him accusing her of cheating because she was supposed to be at his place a while ago. I think he said she was 'trashy' and 'cheap'. Blondie got angry and started shouting at him (don't remember what she said). She then left, slamming the door. Next scene was a lot different. Blondie looked stunning. She was wearing designer clothes, her makeup and hair were perfect. She said to herself 'I need to find myself another sugar daddy'. So perhaps the guy with the nice looking place was giving her money? Or maybe it had been a while since they clearly broke up and she got a sugar daddy after that? I'm not sure. She walks into a classy restaurant and heads over to an empty table (on one side of the table there was like a red leather booth style seating, and on the other side of the table was a single chair). She sits on the leather booth. Immediately, a man walks over to her table and sits down in the chair opposite her. He looks handsome and has an Italian accent, but speaks English fluently. I can't recall their conversation but it was flirty. Now I'm not sure if Blondie actually left the restaurant or not, but the scene changed again and Blondie was outside. It was nighttime and she saw the man she was in a relationship with. He was in a car (not sure what kind of car but it looked expensive) and another woman was there. She was young, pretty, and glamorous. I think she gave him a kiss goodbye as Blondie felt hurt from watching them. The car then pulled away with Blondie's ex in it. I don't remember what happened to the woman who kissed him. She seemed to just disappear. Another car then pulled up. This one had a slightly older woman inside it (maybe early 30s). She motioned at Blondie to come over to her. So she did. I'm not sure what was said exactly but it was something like, "don't worry about her, he's not over you." The slightly older woman then drives away. The scene changes again at this point and Blondie seems to be walking with a purpose, her heels clacking on the pavement. She seems determined. It's nighttime, it looked like it had been raining because the pavement was wet and there were little puddles. Shes heading towards an apartment building. It's classy and modern. The area is sort of like a square with shops along the sides. The apartment building is pretty bright, it's lit up pretty well. It would sort of look like a bright, white beacon if you saw it in the distance. I don't remember entering the apartment building, Blondie was just somehow opening an apartment room door. She sees her ex having sex. There's three women there. Her ex is having sex with one of the women in the missionary position, I couldn't see her face because of how he was over her. The other two women and behind him, moaning and kissing along his neck and shoulder while he has sex with the woman. The two women look to be in their early 20s and were half naked with their dresses bunched up around their waists and had on gold necklaces and gold earrings. They were both dark haired. As Blondie sees the scene in front of her, she begins to feel extremely hurt and is about to leave the room. But then she stops and turns around. She starts to feel almost primal and rips her clothes off her body. Now naked, she joins the two girls and starts kissing along her her ex's neck with them and touching his body as he continues to have sex with the woman beneath him. Then everything changes and the two women are fleeing from the room. Blondie's ex is gone. The woman he was having sex with is laid naked on the bed still, with a smirk upon her face. She looks to be the same woman who said to Blondie, "don't worry about her, he's not over you". I don't remember what was said but Blondie left the room in tears, wearing her cheap looking clothes she had on at the start of the dream. She was running away from the apartment building, still crying as she came to a street and was searching for a taxi or someone to take her home. Her makeup was all streaked and her hair a mess by this point. Then I was awake.