Date: 4/2/2020

By camcgregor

I was kid napped in some building. There was a restaurant in the building and I think a hotel room but I was trapped in some room with a couple of my friends. As soon as we got in there we asked each other if they took our vape and they did but my friend stole another vape which was my other friends really old vape. I needed a hit so I took one and it gave me the biggest head rush of all time. There were 2 rooms where we were trapped. When you walk through the door to enter you can either go right or left down a short hallway. Left brings you to where we started off. There was only 1 king sized bed in that room and that’s it. To the right had like 2 bunk beds and like 4 regular sized beds. But we were the only ones in our room. We were waiting for our turn to go free and it was one of my friends turn so he she left. I then tried to escape which I remember it being very clever but I don’t exactly remember how I escaped. I went into the restaurant and was casually walking around. The restaurant reminded me of Gustaves restaurant from ratatouille. It was very high end and all of the servers and cooks knew what they were doing. I made my way into the kitchen and I was trying to blend in so I was putting away pots and pans which was near the table with all of the servers. I was briefly talking to one of the servers and I said this looks like a great place to work because all of the servers and chefs looked like they were actually enjoying themselves which isn’t normal for a lot of restaurants. They guy said ya everyone loves it and the food takes so long to come out. I was curious as to why people wanted to go there if the food took so long to come out. The place was packed and it was the largest seating arrangement I have ever seen. I then got caught by this one old guy who always knew I was trying to escape from that place. I was running up the stairs to get back into the room. I was avoiding the guy in charge of all cost and he never saw me. I was being very quick and smart about what hallway and stairs I walked down because some how I knew where the guy in charge was. The only one who really saw me was the old guy who knew I was trying to escape anyway. I eventually made it back to the room and both of my friends were there. Idk why both my friends were there cause I thought one of them got free. I told them they are coming and they know I was trying to escape. And then my friend said u know what I think I’m coming down with a cold or something and I played along with it too saying ya I think I am too. Hinting at each other that we were going to tell them we were up here sick the whole time and didn’t leave. We wrapped ourselves in a blanket and we were all sweaty which made us look sick. We thought the plan would work but I woke up before they came back to the room.