Digital art, After reading a creepypasta set near their hometown, a person sitting on their old bed in a dimly lit room suddenly panics and rushes to their mother's room, convinced that if they had ever swum at a specific location, they had possibly swum with a werewolf.

Swimming with a ware wolf

Date: 6/15/2017

By Hikertrash48

This is a dream I remember having a few years ago. I probably had this dream back in 2015 or so. Getting on with the dream. It took place in my old house/Trailer that I was living in at the time. I was sitting on my bed reading a creepypasta like I'd do in real life. At some point I found a creepypasta that took place in a location just a few hours away from where I lived. So me being me I decided that it would be a great idea to read it. It was already dark at this point I think and it had to be about 8:30 pm. So I read it and I get to a line that says "if you've ever swam at (insert location) than you've probably swam with one of these." It didn't specify , but I some how knew it was referring to a ware wolf. I start running to my mom's room screaming for her while crying. Now in real life it wouldn't bother me or I'd be slightly paranoid not scream for someone.

AI generated interpretation Based on the information provided, your dream of swimming with a werewolf in your old house/trailer suggests a psychological exploration of fear and vulnerability in familiar environments. The setting of your old home represents a sense of familiarity and security, while the presence of the werewolf symbolizes a hidden threat or danger that lurks within your personal space. The dream begins with you engaging in an activity you enjoy, reading creepypastas, which suggests a fascination with the unknown or dark elements of life. This fascination leads you to come across a story related to a location near your home. As you read, you discover that this location is associated with swimming with werewolves, creating a sense of unease and fear. The reaction of running to your mom's room while screaming and crying indicates a deep desire for protection and comfort in the face of a perceived threat. This response may suggest a general tendency to rely on others for support during times of stress or uncertainty. Overall, the dream seems to reflect your subconscious exploration of fear and vulnerability within the context of your personal space. It may also highlight your need for emotional support and reassurance when facing challenging situations.