Late for school

Date: 2/4/2019

By xCaligo

I was late for a new semester at school and I sat down on a bench right by my school and made sure I had everything. I took everything out of my backpack and saw that a pair of my earbuds had broken and so I opened them up and saw that one of the wire had been pulled out so I tied it around this spool like thing. It ended up maming them way too loud like there was a motor in my ear instead of a speaker. I packed all my stuff up and realised my backpack was missing. I picked everything up inclusing this concrete block that looked like a big gumdrop and lugged it to class. My mom would kill me if she knew I was skipping as I was walking to class, a firedrill/assembly was called and everybody headed outside. I saw two people that I used to know from where I used to live which was kind of weird and I was about to say hi and ask if they remembered me but I didn’t. We then headed into this big open room for an assembly that wasnt the gym. I went to my next class and then got reprimanded for getting bad grades last semester and they werent even that bad just not up to the 4.0 standard I hold myself to.