John Stamos *shakes fist*

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

The first I remember is that we were outside in some kind of forest under a pavilion. What I understood was that everyone there besides the instructor was there to get their degree in whatever they wanted. I wanted biology. There was just one test (the same for everyone) that determined whether or not we could major in the thing we wanted to or not. My mother, Wade White, John Stamos, and a strange man (who I was very friendly with throughout this dream) were all there with many other people I didn't recognize. We were supposed to find these sounders that were silver colored flattened boxes with a green light on them that made a noise. Once we found them we had to show them to our instructor so he could mark us as having passed and then break them so no one else could cheat by turning in someone else's sounder. When we all started looking I was just sitting on the ground of the pavilion with the stranger (who really was like my best bro in this dream, I never knew the face but I thought he could be Jerry) and John Stamos. John was by himself for the whole thing. I was crying because I apparently couldn't participate in this test (because it was raining or something) meaning I couldn't get my degree, so Jerry was comforting me. I remember seeing people hunting around and bending over to pick up the sounders they'd found (hidden very close to the starting point - very poor hiding skills but whatever). My mom came back in with her sounder and turned it in before leaving. Then Wade came with his and after showing it to the instructor, dropped it on the ground and stepped on it right next to me. When he left John picked it up and fixed it (magically I guess with his great hair powers) and turned it in too, giving us a look like, "you've got to do what you've got to do." So he got his degree too for doing nothing. This made me even more upset because I love John Stamos, and now I knew that he was a cheater. So Jerry just hugged me and talked to me trying to calm me down I guess. Then I woke up.