Parents being rude

Date: 3/9/2017

By wyrd-ghost

We were at my grandma house and there were my parents me and a few other ppl my age and we all had different special abilities. There was this dark and edgy™ guy who i was hanging with and i helped him practice crossbow shooting and i held up burnt long matches and he would shoot them and then we hung out in the back room listening to music and then we went out and everyone was there dressed in old cultural clothes and i went back in to get my phone to play music and my mom yelled at me for not telling a guy the right address so she could sell something even though i wrote down the address she told me and she said i now had to go and do the sell myself and fix the tables being sold and my dad steals my phone and takes out the hard drive(?) and refuses to give it back, and wont tell me how to put it back