Date: 3/21/2017

By skno315

I know this girl who comes into the coffee shop I work at and we are friends. We don't know each other very well but have talked a few times and text and we plan to hang out soon. Let's call her Elle. So, I live in a giant house -- actually it's pretty much a university where everyone lives there together but doesn't necessarily go to school there. Elle and I begin to like each other and I end up in her room and we kiss and she takes off my clothes to start to go down on me (I'm female too). She has to stop and ends up leaving for some reason, but she invites me to see a show by her friend's band at the concert hall on campus. I go to the show hoping to see her there but she isn't there, so I leave. I feel guilty because her friend is kind and thinks I am leaving because I don't like the show but I really just want to see her. I go back to my room and find a book of poetry and little satchels of apothecary and beauty powders left as gifts for me. These are things I really like. I assume they are from her, I'm pretty sure they were. More poetry books appear. I try to photograph it to send her a picture but it won't come out right. Eventually I run into my boyfriend and tell him what had happened and he says it's okay and that he knew something like this would happen. Now I can't stop thinking about taking her out for a picnic and telling her about the dream and then kissing her in the nicest way and taking off our bras. X_X Anyway I don't think I should do that despite wanting to, but dreams are quite effective in that respect.