Three Dreams I had while I was at a Sleepover

Date: 7/29/2019

By baburubān

K so my first dream involves me and Kam on this lowkey kinda game show. The game was you sift your hand through a bag, pick a button, and your partner has to find an outfit for you based on the number and color on the back of the button. It was mine turn to search, and Kam picked a button that was painted lilac on the back with the number “43” there was several racks in the room, but there was this other room with one more rack. The entire building was in the shape of a thick soft L, and I could see in 3rd person for a moment what everything looked like, like a girl looking from above into her dollhouse. Then came first person. I searched the first room, and went to the second. The second room you would access through a thick curtain, like the ones in theaters. The room was dark. Wall to wall were those animal head trophy things. As I’m searching for clothes with hangers that match the button, I look up and see a rat crawl into a Beagle head high above across from me. When the jaw started moving, I ran out of the room. When Kam asked if I needed help, I said I wanted to find it myself. I don’t think lilac 43 existed. My second dream involved me moving back into the Arlene house. It was night and I was about to go to bed. It was Halloween, and teenage boys kept coming into my side yard thinking the house was still unoccupied to do, well, you can guess. Every time they would look in the window, they would freak out and run away. Until there was this one kid I recognized but never been formally introduced to sat on my windowsill. He was rolling a joint when I opened my window and said hey. He was spooked, but realized I didn’t care. He was rolling a joint for Rowan, who was kneeling below. They began to leave and I followed them. We walked through a lot of Halloween type house attractions, until we got to “Rowan’s house”. Ethan P. was there and he took me to the side. He was really pissed off at me. He said something like “Do you really think it’s ok to invite yourself to someone’s house?!?!?” And I was thinking, well, they rolled a joint on my windowsill. I think I’m justified. But I did feel a bit awkward being there. Like they didn’t really want me to be there, but were too nice to say otherwise. I feel like the guy rolling the joint and Rowan were into each other, and I was rudely third wheeling. I felt lonely. My third and final dream is the shortest. Basically I was in a room, I think. I could really only see the floor and myself, the rest was pitch black. There were kelp leaves on the floor. I heard a voice that told me I had to eat the kelp in order to receive higher power. I wanted to please this voice so I picked up every leaf and blended it to make kelp juice. I drank it all. I got a text from my soon-to-be-boss asking me a question, and not knowing how to answer. I wanted to see my Mom. That’s when I woke up.