school party

Date: 11/3/2016

By stefdrms

I remeber heading class thinking I'm always late I should drop out l. I'm walking with this girl that one of my exs cheated on me with and she tells me she needs new birth control. When I got their I noticed a huge screen playing and big pop corn everywhere so I stayed . I laid down on the front. I looked back and saw so many people I couldn't believe it. I think it was Beyoncé or fergie on the screen and she said she was pregnant in song form lol. I remeber my friend Jazmin came and sat next to me. Shortly after this big African American girl came and stood Infront of her and basically gave her a lap dance and Jazmin was weirded out lol. Later we went to this party. I had been there before . The entrance was similar l. You had to crawl through this narrow bright white tunnel. As I am crawling through the tunnel I start thinking what if there is an emergency? Or what if someone over doses or something and how do we get our? Surely not through this tunnel. I became very anxious and felt I almost had a panic attack. Once I got in we were at the roof top with some people getting drinks. Then we went to the mod section then finally all the way to the bottom. At the bottom was a dirty room with two dirty humans I remeber my friend insisting on giving me money to buy drinks and I said no. I remeber seeing dollars and euros. We eventually started interacting with this dirty people but I remeber just wanting to go upstairs lol.