The Day is Saved, now lets all become a genderless society

Date: 7/31/2017

By toxxicduck

I was in a robot world with two other people who I don't really remember. They were a dude and a chick, that's all I can recall. It was like a videogame. I didn't know I was dreaming but it felt very lucid. We were running and jumping along platforms, like a videogame, and there were little Portal turrets everywhere trying to shoot us. Eventually, I found out I could rocket upwards (lucid part) and used that to fly around straight to all the platforms with treasure chests without having to go through the whole level, like a cheat. The chests were gold technological boxes that opened electronically. I don't remember what the treasure was. I rocketed to the end of the level, where my companions showed up with me. A boss appeared. He was a man, but gorilla shaped and sized and immediately attacked. He came charging like a gorilla at me and it was terrifying, but I slashed at him when he got near with a Deadric sword I now had, and then ran off a little bit so he couldn't reach. I realize this is exactly how I fight trolls in Skyrim when I don't use magic. When the ape man was defeated, some kind of important thing happened where everyone was becoming one gender as a result of the ape mans defeat. No more males or females or trans or anything, just ONE gender for everyone that wasn't male or female or whatever, basically just not having a gender. I did not want to do this, I enjoy being a lady, but the others in the dream were pressuring me and making me feel guilty for not conforming. I remember seeing flashes of a world full of a single gender. Everyone looked like they would normally (male/female bodies) but had duel colored hair being black on one side and blonde on the other. I saw a little girl go through the transformation and when she came out with her hair colored that way, she began to cry because she hated herself now. This ending is very confusing. I do enjoy being a lady, but maybe a world with no gender would be better? 🤷🏻‍♀️