Date: 8/7/2017

By Daydreamer123

Clary was told be Alec that she was becoming annoying and needs to take some lesson is Shadowhunting. She was in a small white room with 3 other people and black woman with short curly hair who was the teacher. After the lessson was finished, we could take a bracelet each. Clary took a small glittery silver one. She got angry and started running down loads of spiral staircases that went on forever. She was trying to transport to the library where Alec and Izzy were. - She ended being transported to the past. She was still running up the staircase till she saw trolls coming up and from the bottom of the staircases rose loads of coloured balls (like a ball pit) She couldn't go back down because of the balls so when the trolls tried to catch her, she stood on the balls and the disappeared when the same colours were touching so Clary slid down the staircases and onto the bottom floor. She walked outside were people were wearing red cloaks and surrounded by a lake and an old, half caved in house. They were Shadowhunters from the past. Clary saw them all and gave them a speech then showed them how to do ruines such a soundless.