STORY TIME- I was almost raped by my teache in las vegas.

Date: 2/9/2017

By Sweet Dreams (Are made of these)

It was like I was in a palace almost. (the room I was in was quiet big, I could swear the room was like a light, mellow yellow with a tink of a light but dark pink. the room kinda had a frail thin see through material hanging around, I couldnt tell quiet what the furniture was in the room.) It was like there was a party going on, but at the same time I saw not/if at all very many people. And the walls were diversed so some parts were the pink color and others were the yellow color. Then as if magic, I was in a bright city square, that had flashing colorful signs, and tall shady, darj buildings. It was almost like I was in vegas or new york city. I recall it being nighttime, but I never got a glimps of the sky. I found out that in the city square I was with a group of people at a table. The people were older looking to be 40-70, and also I saw my teacher. (WARNING THIS PART GETS A BIT STRANGE-REMEMBER I AM DREAMING) I was sitting at the long light brownish table; specifically at the end of the table, when my teacher walked up to me. She was wearing rustic and sorta 60s country style clothing; and so was multiple people at the table. When she aproached me I yelled...(god)..."Rape!" a few times, and it felt like I yelled it very loud. So now the city setting was gone, and now I couldnt tell what the background or other things around me were; because I was talking to my mom. My mom was scolding me for yelling Rape; and my teacher was really confused. In my head I felt awkward, cause my mom wanted me to do something about it. Then I just woke up.