Date: 7/29/2017

By justhannah

It started off with me walking my dog with my little brother. As we approached my building I started seeing blurry and getting weak. There were these two dogs tied up on the side of the building and I got so confused. But kept walking until I got into my building. For some reason there were two elevators instead of one. So I got in one and other ppl got in too. I fell the the floor, my eyes still opening and closing like I'm about to faint and the ppl are asking if I'm okay. Saying "poor girl". They get off on the fourth floor and I do too even though I lived on the 5th. I got stopped halfway up the stairs by a lady asking for help with the elevator. I ended up helping and as I got a closer look it was actually my aunt who has vanishing. She looks so much healthier and drug free. I started crying and woke up