Dinner guests

Date: 2/1/2024

By Purple

In my dream, I was a dinner guest along with some other people, a few I knew and a few I didn’t know. I’m not sure who the host home was, as it seemed to contradict the hosts from one scene to the next. I was with the guests in one room, observing area rugs on a floor. They were all next to each other, and appeared to be “art” pieces. We observed and commented on one at a time. The last one, on the upper right of the collection, had backwards writing in script. It took a minute or two to read it. At first it seemed complimentary to Jews, but upon further reflection, it was definitely insulting and antisemitic. I decided to take a photo of this rug while the others continued walking toward the host’s dining area. Just as I took the photo, some woman asked what I just took a photo of. I ignored her, but worried about getting busted for some reason. On my way over to the dinner area, I had to use the bathroom. As I was pulling my dress back down, I noticed the length was no longer appropriate, and only covered half my butt. I was embarrassed, wondering if I left my apartment looking like that. Even though I was wearing shorts underneath, I was still concerned about how I looked. I even double checked to see if maybe the remainder of my dress was tucked in somewhere, which it was not. When I made it to just outside the dining area, I heard them talking about that antisemitic rug with this hostess. I wondered if the conversation took place because everyone else just saw that rug, or because I wasn’t present in the room, likely being the only Jewish person there. Maybe both. (Here’s where I was confused because it seemed the hostess was Dorothy’s ex mother-in-law, and in another scene, something was left there for Dorothy and the host didn’t know who Dorothy was.) When I walked in, the room was larger than I thought it would be. The guests were spread out and not all sitting at one table. The main table was the most crowded. It was closest to the entryway and the hostess was sitting at the head of the table. I sat down next to a little boy who was looking at a bowl of sweets. He already had one in his hand and wanted another. I asked him what they were. The sweets were round, beige and white. He said they were coconut macaroons. Really? Now I wanted to try one. I noticed Donna M was sitting at the last table and the middle table had 2-3 guests. I wondered again why everyone wasn’t sitting around the same table, as there was plenty of room. In another scene, I appeared to be in an office area and a package was left for Dorothy. The host didn’t know who Dorothy was and asked if anyone can get this to her. Donna spoke up and said she could call Dorothy, explaining that Dorothy can call a delivery service to pick it up for her. The hostess was glad to hear that.