Date: 4/14/2017

By jocelynnb123

staying in the journalism room in my bomber jacket w patches bc "its cold out there, isn't it?" (i say to newman), eating cheez itz, when thunderous rain outside makes me afraid of slipping over the railing while cheering for track as i stand out in the rain owen comes over immediately after and says his mom brought mcdonald's the ramirez essay was about mesopotamia and there were three parts that we only had 11 minutes to write. while explaining one side, where we write the essay, i hand him Zoë's, then, while fixing mine, the side to write our names, he lifts me for the whole class to see bc i'm too short (but he doesn't laugh at that) while writing, the door to the pod opens and my paper gets sucked into the rain, and when i retrieve it, we have 5 minutes left we trade and grade and Guadalupe had a star wars reference we trade and grade