Soviet 007 vs. Nazis / War Games

Date: 9/9/2019

By Imetaphor

Behold, as if in a game of Battlefield 2 (OG version) a few Americans take off in planes from Alaska. One fakes the others out and heads the other direction, saying it's so he can go to a secret underwater Russian base. I'm at the underwater base, except now the Soviets are the good guys because they're fighting the Nazis and it's a Nazi underwater base. One Soviet commando is going James Bond on it, you know, assassinating the leader and sabotaging the base so it blows up. He captures one really ugly Nazi who looks like Tom Cruise in Valkyrie and uses him as a human shield. One super ugly old Nazi corpse has a knife sticking through his skull. Amazingly he's talking, probably saying his really significant last words. He pulls the knife out and his animation skips a long beat as his brain jiggles, then keeps talking. I'm supposed to be allying with a barbaric steppe nomad tribe to fight a really evil enemy nation. I'm near a medieval tower. We use intelligent snakes as weapons but mine aren't as good at protecting, but thankfully it's two on one.