magical curse

Date: 2/5/2017

By oscinian

Dreams 3 2-3-17 Actually have a body that I control in this dream! No longer a ghost! Dream signs: holy shit have I been watching a lot of studio ghibli films! Princess mononoke, spirited away, howl's moving castle, ponyo. Watching pyramid song music video did influence the dream. Also a lot of times where I would expect to wake up but didn't. I don't remember the first half of my dream, the part I don't remember kind of acts as a mental dream exposition. In the dream I have a brother that's ~1-2 years older than me; [guardian figure]. Both he and I have some curse put on us that gives us demon powers that we can activate/deactivate by either repeating 666 or 333 multiple times. //memory kicks in// I'm with my brother trying to go to a place with purpose. We're in a piny colorado/minesota mountain-y town area, specifically in a parking lot (I say parking lot; there are multiple of them but no cars and no buildings adjacent but stripes) on top of a large grassy hill. At the bottom of the hill is the state line, or where we predict the state line to be (I think from what [someone] told us). What we know is that the state line is adjacent to a parking lot, but we're not sure which one as there are lots of parking lots around. The reason this is so important is that there's some sort force field that will affect us and our curse in some unknown way. I feel pressured and rushed. My brother moves down the large, ramp-like grassy hill and out of sight, possibly into the pine trees to the left and right of the 1/2 football field clearing. I start moving towards where my brother went, feeling vulnerable and that he can protect me. The hill is much longer than at first glance. I'm running, feeling my legs pulse under my own weight as I push forwards off the ground. I've gained too much momentum and can't slow down; I'm accelerating at a frightening pace. I scream the full length down the hill with the loudest scream/yell (screams always have the connotation of higher pitch) my dream can render. There's no physical need to pause for breath, so the yell lasts a continuous 60 seconds. //the yell warbles with each step like it does in real life; I've never had such physical awareness of my before in recent dreams. Improving!// I reach the bottom of the hill, and I have gone through a forcefield (blurry liquidy bubble that's transparent, 2 feet wide not physical can't feel it). Brother is fifteen feet ahead of me. Maybe the forcefield doesn't affect us. A woman (shortish hair mid thirties) appears behind me. "Why do you both have huge clown heads?" She wonders in an accusing tone. Shit! The forcefield has alerted everyone who looks at us that we are demons by displaying us as huge clown-headed people in their minds! The woman is now chasing us with intent to kill because of our heads. I'm now constantly chanting in threes "under my breath" [quietly] to try and undo the curse as much as possible for the moment. I'm running right beside my brother; we're both desperately looking around for hiding places (outrunning woman pretty well). The area around us is only slightly sloped downwards. It looks like we're at a log cabin resort/retreat. All the buildings are made of logs but fancy and varied with most being two stories. Pine trees are obstructing our view of anything past the buildings to the left and right of us. About a football field into the run, I [brother's following right behind] duck into a small space between two log buildings to my right. I go through the pines. Beyond the pines is a wooden bobsled track that looks the same way they do in the olympics, except it's a water slide. The actual track is mostly suspended in the air; the ground ~5 feet in front of me drops off as a cliff. There are teen olympians in swim trunks actively competing along the slide, lots of them. My brother jumps in and slides down the water slide in a successful attempt at blending in. We are no longer perceived as having huge clown heads. I attempt to fall down the slide by jumping onto it but I slip up and off the slide, falling one hundred feet into the creek below. The creek is deep; I'm completely submerged for five seconds before rising to the surface. The water is very cold and slow moving, crystal clear like a spring. I can now feel my entire body because my entire body is cold. An immense calm washes over me. I figure I'll die if I stay in this creek because I don't know where it's taking me. I don't care if I die at this point. I'm no longer moving myself, allowing my body to drift downstream as the water shimmers before my eyes in speckles of globular white. My brother is on the shore and grabs my hand gently, tugging me out of the creek. //memory cuts out// We're now in a main announcement building where all of the olympians are out and about, debate tournament style. The building itself is a nice colorado hotel with a glass atrium lobby. Me and my brother are walking down a [hallway] towards an elevator. He pushes the button to go up. I notice a green neon post-it note on the elevator's threshold. The note says "alert: hinge is missing" with a clip art illustration of the hinge. We go up the elevator [having a conversation]. Once at the very high-up level, we walk into security control: a series of rooms with marble tiled floor that's full of boss rooms as opposed to cubicles. We go into one of them and lock the door. Inside is a cozy (as in cramped) desk full with disorganized papers and an old vhs-era tv. The tv is showing security footage of the building and the building from outside. I start watching the tv screen while my brother serves lookout. We gather from the video that the hinge is the heart of the building and that touching it for us would cure our curse. A supervisor walks by outside as is alerted by my brother. I start to pretend that I'm arguing with him as it makes us look more believable. "Shit what do I say? Rubber baby bubble bubples. Uh-... uh-..." The supervisor opens our door. "What are you doing in here? Don't you know there's a hinge missing?" I'm really glad I saw that sticky note. "Yes, we were looking at this security footage to see where it may have gone. But [fake employee name for brother] here doesn't think it's that important." "Well uh, good. Keep the search going you two." The supervisor says. He leaves us and disappears. Me and my brother figure that the hinge isn't in the building, and go to the elevator to exit the building. The first floor is a huge, huge atrium-hotel-lobby thing with ferns and water fountains. There's a jumbotron hanging from the ceiling and winners are being announced. The young athletes are all scattered throughout the walkways as we walk past them to the exit. The athletes are also all wearing these off-white long sleeve wind breakers with similar pants. The majority of my attention is focused on walking towards the next closest water fountain in my line of sight. All circular, all small, all multi-tiered. This sequence takes about five minutes. We exit into this slanted cobblestone village and enter a cafe built into the corner of a stone building. Inside looks like a common southern cafe with wooden stuff hanging on the walls. We sit down and eat breakfast. There's no one else in the cafe. I thank my brother for saving my life twice (twice? Don't remember the first time). I look at the wall as I'm talking. I notice that an old seventy's-looking cross hanging on the wall has a hinge where the four lines intersect. It's a very ornate golden hinge with three screws holding it in at each corner to the cross. I alert my brother that this is the hinge we've been looking for; the heart of the complex. We stand up and get closer to it. The hinge, the cross, and the wall take up my entire field of view. We start chanting in threes and sixes. The wall behind the cross melts away into a bright golden light that streams in in waving tentacles. The screws start unscrewing slowly from telekinesis one corner at a time. The hinge becomes free, and floats down towards us. We both touch it, relieving the curse, and the dream ends.