Escaping with You

Date: 1/30/2019

By JamieKingofDreams

I was with my boyfriend and some of his family. There were maybe five of us in total. We enter this escape room. It was the biggest most solid escape room I’ve ever seen. The person gives us the run down and closes the door locking us in. There’s a giant white plastic dial on the wall which participants are supposed to turn to decide their time limit. The max was five hours. I walk over and give it a swift turn to 3 hours and 38 minutes. It’s hectic, clues are flying everywhere, adrenaline is pumping, secret doors are sliding open. Basically, that escape room gets handled. The secret second room that opened up was brilliant with vibrant primary color all over it. It looked like we were in a museum. After we had escaped the room I remember asking my boyfriend, “Hey babe I really like that primary color room, can you take a picture of it please?” I hadn’t had my phone because I left it in the locker with our things. He takes one. The rest of the group is already ahead of us taking “We escaped” pictures. I hold my boyfriend’s hand and we walk through the dark hallway to meet them on the other side. I wake up.