First Kiss

Date: 8/3/2017

By Angelica

I was sitting down at a table with my great aunt, mom, dad, and others I can't remember, She asked me about marriage. She said they've been thinking about planning one. In my head I think it was a test or something. I was so caught off guard by the question, I looked at y mom like if I wanted her to answer, but I then realized I needed to answer myself... So I sat up straight and replied... "Ever since I've started thinking of marriage, I've always seen myself being more mature, finished with college, having a career, it's not something I want want or need right now" They all seems happy with my answer, and told me I would get my quinceneara. I guess they threw a party afterwards, and Jared was there. I sat down next to him, it seemed like there was no one around us. We had a conversation, in the end we were teasing each other. The last thing I said was, Yeah you must be smart since you spend your time scrolling through Wikipedia' pages." we laughed and then all I remember was his neck was in front if me, and my lips were so close it. He must've felt the warmth of my breath. I hesitated but just felt this pull of My lips to touch his neck. Then I just did it, I slowly touched then kissed his neck. Then our eyes looked at each other and we kissed. It was so quite and intimate. For some reason after that it was a blur, but the next scene started like this I was at this gigantic mall, he had invited me and he told me to not worry about my mom knowing, she told her I'd be home by 5:30 So a lot of people I know from school were there too. We were at a store, and Jared confessed to everybody we made out. To which I freaked out as well. And looked at Michael and mother the words We made out We made out. Then I remember Jared peeing on himself, and Clarissa got mad at me and explained what goes on down there and said what I had caused by kissing him. Everyone kinda looked at me differently and I felt like an outcast. Later on we went to school for something(back to school night, orientation) and Jared tried avoiding me. He would look at me though as if he wanted to but couldn't. That's the last thing I remember...his face.