Date: 5/13/2017

By Thequeen00

05/13/17- Awake 2:50 The car dropped as by the front of the Parish church. We all went outside the car and then There I saw him, just standing on door laughing with his friends. I pretended I didn't see him. We were about to leave when My cousin pointed him out but I didn't look at him. I saw Dad teasing smile. And ask me if he's my ex. Yup. My one only. So as we started walking along side of the street, I can feel that his presence is just behind me. That thumping on my chest, and sweaty hands, these are the example i knew I feel when he's around. I'm surprised when he talked to my dad and in my dream I forgot what it was all about. It got a little blur and my dream changes again. I was awaken by the sound of the door creaking. I called out for my room mate but there is no response so i decided to dozed off again. As i close my eyes, I suddenly feel a cold and soft smack on my lips. Those familiar smell, I know its him. And so i open my eyes, and I saw him standing there grinning at me. I suddenly feel mad, confused of his visit knowing that she already has a girlfriend. I Ask him in obvious irritating word. instead of answering my question, he climbed up to my bed and hugged me. He still smells the same but with liquor now. I ask him what is he doing, but I got no response. He kissed me again but I pushed him. I told him to go home but he just replied with smile. Then I told him to go another house and just leave me. He told me he have been to another house and thats what he's been doing all night. This guy is really drunk. I told him to leave me now and then he unclasp his hands around me and climb down the bed. Is it just me or I see sadness on those eyes. As He was about to wear his cloak, the door opened. I looked at him again and his not there anymore but all I can see is My boardmate. The door opened and it revealed my father and ask why are we still awake. And so we said that we'll get back to sleep. And he left. A minute later I got a text, a group message rather. It was him. End.