robbed at a sleepover

Date: 5/31/2017

By naya

I was sleeping over at a friends house and the next morning I couldn't find my things: my phone, headphones, laptop, can't remember what else. I was looking everywhere and the dad had a smirk on his face. "Did you take my stuff" I asked and he asked something along the lines of "how about 100 nights for your stuff" (he was asking for sex). I was furiously annoyed and kept asking "where are my things" but he wouldn't tell me. I went into my friends brother's room thinking it was her room. he woke up at my presence and I asked him if he has seen any of my things and I found my phone on his bed which I took. I went into my friends room and started crying. I woke her up and told her "your dad is disgusting. He took my things. I'm never coming here again". She was concerned and offered to help look for it and I told her "no I just want to go home" My parents came for a visit and we stayed longer than I planned. they were watching something on TV and I kept bringing up that we should go. finally after a while, I couldn't handle being there and I stood up and kept yelling "do you want me to expose you!? huh do you?" at the dad and he looked nervous, then yelled "do you know what he said?!" to the people visiting. I said everything that had to be said (just forget how I said it) and my parents didn't seem to care about what the dad said, they cared about where my stuff were. my dad asked him where my headphones are and he said that he hid them in a store called some absurd name. "people like me don't go to stores like that" I told him. he just had a smirk on his face the entire time. I'm guessing it was either a store for rich people or old people. my dad asks for directions and I pulled out my phone to search. it turns out he had broken my phone and it wouldn't work.