Cherry Blossoms

Date: 3/18/2017

By Io

I dreamt that I was trying to fulfill someone's wish of writing a piece of calligraphy. This piece was special as it had to have the right paper and ink to do so. The ink was said to have incredible magical ability, but it was now held captive by a shrine at the top of the mountain. I ran there and tried to get the ink back from the priestesses there. During the dream, I had the ability to control time, but only for 100 steps that I took. So when I got near them, I activated my ability and stole the ink from them. But it was not the one i wanted. I hurriedly searched the place, knowing that my time was almost up. It ended with me failing and dying due to the side effects of the ability. I need to make special mention of the scene there, as it was incredibly beautiful. I remember running along a long winding road with mountains just in the distance. There was a huge white structure and the top of the road, and two apartments with dark grey walls above the white structure. That was where the shrine was. It felt really nice to me as it reminded me of a place far away from the city, but with dystopian feels.