Melatonin Dreams

Date: 2/14/2019

By beewags88

Me and one of my close work friends were going to be demoted down two levels because they needed to make “changes”. They said nothing to do with work. Then later they said I had a team meeting when I wasnt supposed to - and it was offensive-based on one girl on my team. Later Hanna had an idea to have her name all the ppl that were in the meeting, we wrote names on sticky notes and had her grab them and show us- she was wrong. Work said they couldn’t change it now. Throughout this dream I kept going in and out of rooms and multiple dogs that looked alike were following me and I was getting stressed out cause I couldn’t keep their names straight. I also was ordering pizza and hung up. They called back on my work phone and was trying to deliver me free bread because they made too much. There was also something about my old manager going to a concert at the end...