Baekhyun + brujas

Date: 8/14/2017

By sleepycallie

Okay, the first part of the dream takes part where i'm getting ready for school and im changing constantly because I don't like my outfit, as I go to the kitchen theres a bunch of papers thrown everywhere that I didn't notice at first until they kept appearing in shapes on top of the drawers, all leading to the door. I start panicking and crying so I run out to my mom and my mom tells me i'm being recruited by a religion meant for girls only. I didn't believe her but I hear a lady mumbling saying that she was going to take me and make me a part of her cult. I get scared so I run inside and i'm listening to music on the speakers when it suddenly says "Bluetooth group, connected" and I was like "??" What the heck, the only group I was a part of was Jjong, Jessy had joined it on accident when Jonghyun was making the group but he never took her out of it so Jessy added me. All of a sudden the Madagascar "I like to move it" song begins to play and I was like WHAT THE and I notice the group and it says "+ Added members, "Baekhyun" and "DJ Yeol" and I was like omfg so I skipped the song and a fucking Cumbia song came on and he was like "I'm showing Jongin real music" and I was like ?? Okay and I skipped the song again and Baekhyun was like "Hi, who are you (:" so I was like "Oh, sorry I kept moving it! I didn't know anyone else was in here" WITH MY FAKE ASS smh anyway then Chanyeol was like "Let me play some dubstep" and Baekhyun said no and I added jenny I think and she was like "Wow, I love idols!" And I got mad bc she blew our cover and I fucked her up.