Date: 9/12/2019

By loonyleans

We were flirting Trevor and i, weird enough as It is, I remember a family party where there were tons of people we ran out there down the hard and tons of em laughed with each other, starts getting foggy I think we’re back in a room again and I’m with someone I can’t remember who but they’re trying to have sex with me and I’m about it but it’s not working o bust open the door and I get Trevor we start going ham. All of a sudden it’s foggy again I’m playing with a. Giant snake and this kid my age keeps messing with me then I’m with this giant dog who is super nice but has a temper. Then I’m arguing with this kid and then he tries to play fight, so I’m jumping and pretending to kick but I’m jumping like really high everyone is shocked like look at her jump now everyone is jumping.