The Seeds, the Women, and the Gremlin Man

Date: 8/19/2019

By Katey12344

This specific dream was divided into 3 different sections throughout the dream. It wasn't as if I ran towards each scene but rather it was as if a movie reel changed to another moment like an edited film. 1. The dream mentioned having children through these seed packets that are designed to provide a healthy child each time. I'm not sure if I felt they were important or their use but regardless that was the beginning sequence. The seed packets have some sort of bold white lettering on each one aside from the last packet of the four. The only packet that truly caught my eye was the last packet that was laying in a row with the others that were placed on the wooden table. This specific packet had a girl at the bottom of the packet revealing just her eyes, eyebrows, and black straight hair that reveals bangs over her forehead. It was almost like this packet was a widely produced item. Regardless, the women face showed a bit of a glee-like surprise in her eyes. 2. Later on in the dream a women tried to steal these seeds and was taunting and following me. Eventually after she was following me and bickering at me in a hallway, for some reason I attack her with a fork. I remember it being shown like a movie scene with me injuring her on her face and arms. Little do I know that this incident was being broadcasted live at an concert for all to see without my knowing. Through this, the women was thrashing her arms with glee and laughing in delight with everyone watching her pain. 3. Soon after, the dream shifts to a hallway where there's this gremlin monster stuck onto the table. It's as if it's stuck to this table without being able to get up. As such, I somehow know that this is the monster that provided the seeds. Through this, he ends up threatening me saying that he will haunt me because he'll always be around until I use another fork (for whatever reason my weapon of choice are forks) and stab this monster through it's heart. Somehow this blow was so powerful that the fork went through the table. This direct blow didn't kill this gremlin right away. As such, he peered up with his large eyes until I twisted the fork with a force that finally killed him.