Priyanka and Orcana

Date: 7/11/2017

By SwaggyBoy9

I was in this fantasy world and I was with this woman who was on my side. We had to defeat the enemies who kept sending these gunshots and fire to us. There was a weird fish gun that shot fish at us and I had to block them with my sword and the woman next to me told me to not kill them because she didn't want them to die. She also had a sword but it was some magical sword whereas I just had a normal sword. Then some lady from the other side send a little girl to us on a boat in this cave that we were in. She was friendly and now it felt like the Woman (Priyanka) was my wife and the little girl (Orcana) was my daughter. The next step we had to climb this wall up like rock climbing but it had keys and shafts that needed to be inserted and twisted like a puzzle. Priyanka went first and I helped her up through climbing and realised I was doing it wrong, I was meant to be going along WITH her. Orcana had this little turtle bag on for some reason and I realised its purpose, I was supposed to go with Priyanka and carry Orcana on my back. I strapped on the turtle bag and me and Orcana started climbing up, it was fairly easy and a lot smaller than I thought. Priyanka made it up with assistance from my only once, she did the rest on her own and I followed through, to get to the top I had to insert a final key which Priyanka had and gave me, I took it. Then I Woke Up. I'm not sure if I ever finished climbing to the top of that rock climbing thing or whatever it was, But I genuinely liked this place, can't describe how or why but I liked it. Priyanka and Orcana, interesting peeps.