Family and friends contact people

Date: 3/20/2017

By niks

My dream started in what looked like a bar. behind the counter was a psychic Diana who was serving coffee. My friend Tracey was there and later my school friend Deb. The dream later went to my brother he was upset with me. talking to me about his upcoming wedding. he had fears that I would ruin his wedding. Then I saw my sister and was aware that my sister had been stirring the pot. My children were there. But they were smaller children. My brother was trying to follow us. Then I saw Pen. I did not want my brother and sister to see him. He wanted me to go to a music night with him. So i encouraged him to hide in the attic. My mum was in the background but said nothing. I then saw my aunt sat on a step. she felt serene and calm. She handed me one silver earring. As she handed me the earring it turned into a phone. I felt safe and calm with her.