Guy wants to sue me because I couldn't swing on a swing 😡

Date: 8/25/2017

By BeastFromTheEast

Now I remember I am at a party or something it is outside. I walk up and see my friend. There is this huge pole thing. The best I can describe imagine a swing set bit about 70 feet tall. At the bottom is a ball pit. There is a contraption used for exercising. Since I'm a beast in the gym I decide to show off. My friend was using it and I asked him if it was hard he said not really. I get in it and make a fool of myself. Basically what you have to do is lay on your back and pull these two ropes at a certain time to move. When I do it my body scrapes against the ball pit and I can't get off the ground. The guy operating was the kind of guy that was cool and I was trying to impress him sort of. Or at least not let him down to be accepted into his group. Eventually I figured out the machine and could get off the ground now. When I finished the guy told me that he could sue me, but that he would be nice and not sue me. I had no idea what he was talking about LOL. And somehow, the water tight cap on my life proof case for my iPhone was broken and stuck in the headphone jack. The dream switches and now I am getting my dad to fix the watertight seal. And he super glues the two pieces again.