School shooting

Date: 7/1/2019

By juliaaramini

Me and my friends Toby, breanna, madi, and Kylie were hanging out at Breanna’s and Madi’s house. Then, we all decided to go to a school event that was happening, which was basically an assembly that they put on for some reason. There was a game happening that was like musical chairs but with the entire school and using the bleachers instead. They’d play music, and the whole school would get up and run to a different set of bleachers, and anyone standing was out. Everyone was having a good time, but then the music started playing, everyone got up, and I looked down at the floor. Only a few people were down there, and one of them pulled out a gun. I realized what was happening and fell down flat on the bleachers. I felt bullets passing over me, and I watched classmates die (thank god the classmates in my dream weren’t people I’ve seen in real life, other than my friends). The shooter turned the other direction, so I made a run for the emergency exit. When I was out, I saw Breanna and we hugged and started crying. Then one by one we started finding Toby, Kylie, and Madi. None of them died, which was a blessing. Outside was chaos. There were people crying and running away. Eventually police showed up, and then I woke up.