Bloody windows???

Date: 7/5/2019

By Keke

I had this weird ass dream where the neighbours were strangling their baby out in there garden (they are nice people they don't abuse their kids) and I was like tf but also wow why so loud, so I banged on the window and yelled at them to stop but she was rude to me and carried on. Now from here some of the memories are fuzzy but I think I went downstairs or my top floor window magically turned into the the back door and I went out and stopped her I think and we argued or something, maybe?? Then I remember her having a microwave in the garden?? And for some reason she put water in it and (I know that you can put liquid in the microwave) for some odd reason I knew that was bad so I tell her yo lady that shits gonna blow up and she either completely ignored me or it was too late. So as sparks went off and some lightning lookin ass shit came from the microwave I ran my ass back into my house and shut the door before it exploded. Somehow my door was enough of a barrier to block it and I guess they blow the fuck up because all the back door windows were red, which if you ask me is bloody grim. (get it lol) Anyway I somehow wasn't completely taken a back and instead I was thinking she should have listened what a shame and so was my grandma, who is apparently alive again. I asked her if I could go to rujenas House I can't remember why and she said yeah even though I think it was like almost midnight. I remember taking ages to leave and then I think I switched dreams and there was a guy outside who was following me and whoever I was with we hid near where the homeless guy is and there was a convinent hole thing in the wall were we hid. Then we jumped over this brick wall with friends.