Sleep paralysis

Date: 3/10/2017

By obeydream

If you guys don't know what sleep paralysis is then keep on reading, if you do then just skip it. Here's a little background, sleep paralysis is when you are sleeping and suddenly you dream is she and basically you just lay down and you cannot talk or move your just stuck there, all you do is look around and some people say once sleep paralysis happens you can either see a figure in your room. This is my story of what happen to me. I had took a shower and got dressed to go to bed, I went down stairs to say goodnight to my mom, before we go to bed, we always pray and we thank god for another day of living, so once we finish praying I went to the kitchen and eat cereal, my grandmas radio started to turn on by it self and I wasn't creeped out I thought it was normal, I go back to my room and went to sleep, I wake up and there you know I couldn't move or talk, I was terrified, I looked around to see what can I do, once I look on my left, I see this figure on the wall, with the creepiest smile and eyes, he had looked at me and I looked at him, my parents were in the living room and my room is next to the living room, I tried calling my mom but I couldn't talk, my heart was pumping so fast, once I see my mom coming to my room, I felt so happy but till then I woke up finally, I had mixed feelings in my room, I couldn't sleep, i tried but I couldn't, I was to terrified that it will happen again, for the next 4 days I felt uncomfortable to sleep in my room, I feel this vibe that doesn't not let me sleep in my room, for the next 4 days I slept with my mom because I felt comfortable with her and I never get nightmares