Where am I?! (sorta like a nightmare)

Date: 6/10/2017

By DreamX227

(I remember this dream so vividly) It was sorta like a lucid dream. I was aware of my surroundings and I could control what I was able to do.(It had felt so real, everything was exactly like the real world) I was all of a sudden in my Choir class, and I was next to one of my friends singing. I had no clue when I had gotten there. I didn't remember when I had gotten there or how. I just continued with what we were doing, without having any clue. The class was over and I immidently ran out and tried to find a friend cause' I was afraid, I didn't know what was going on. Pure confusion took over me. I had found a friend of mine and asked her if I had came in the morning. I remember the look on her face, surprised to see me. She had said no, that I haven't been there for any of my morning classes. I felt terrified. I walked away from her and went to my next class(it was upstairs, 2nd floor). Their were a group of guys there. Some I knew and others, I just saw around school(to be exact like 6 or 7 (it's scary how vividly I can remember the dream itself)). Some looked mad, happy or sad to see me. The one guy I remember was a guy I had known for a while(I was sorta close to him and had a slight crush on him (if thats useful)). I remember that he had a look of pure hurt, confusion, jealously, and slight happiness mixed in his eyes and face. He started to walk up to me, but I felt afraid for some reason so I ran back downstairs. I went into the cafeteria and I tried to find someone to help me. I found a different friend and asked him why they are mad, and why they are chasing me. He just looked at me blankly then with slight terror. He just walked away. I heard yelling behind me and I saw the guys behind me. One of the guys that seemed happy, came up to me and had a cake in his hands. I heard him say something but it wasn't clear. then he dropped the cake and went back to the guys, who were walking towards me. I ran away towards another exit, and I saw that the guys went to the door that would lead to me so I went back into the cafeteria and crouched behind a table. I looked up from the table and saw them run the other direction of me. One of them stopped and asked someone where I was I assume. His gaze shifted from the person and he saw me. I heard him shout,"She's over here!" I got up and ran. i ran to the locker room area and found the friend I talked to earlier(the girl I had asked if I was there in the morning)and I had gone up to her and asked if she knew what was going on. I kept on asking her questions. I couldn't comprehend some of them but I remember telling her that I feel lost and I don't remember getting here. She just stood there while I was panicked. I had heard the guys yelling behind me so I ran into the gymnasium and hid somewhere in there. My friend came up to me and said, "Oh, now I know what you're talking about!!". The guys had entered the gym and I remember my guy friend (the one i was close to, that had many mixed emotions on his face) enter running towards me and he had pushed my friend(girl) out of the way. I started having a panic attack. He was gonna say something but I woke up before he could. I was so scared. It was so real, I felt so many emotions. I had woken up crying. (I honestly hate how vividly I remember the dream)