Coffee O'clock at Night

Date: 9/16/2019

By DaydreamRadio

I'm at a restaurant with my parents while Alex and I visit New Jersey. My parents take me to a restaurant based out of my old bedroom by the closet closest to the door. I go through it with my mom who offers to order me another coffee even though it's late at night. I tell her I have work tomorrow, but thank you. She insists on ordering me something so I look through the menu which is really more of a catalogue. It shows art and posters for sale and images of my friends and their bands. I tell her I won't order one of them in place of food as I tell her about the pictures of my friends. I eventually realize that a coworker of mine who reminds me of Antony F has access to a whole ton of food supplies because his dad works for a warehouse of the stuff. Sugar cubes, little courtesy cookies, things like that. I'm now in the warehouse where it's all kept where a guard maintains a little post in one of those little booths on the left of the entrance next to the shelves. He lets us in. My mom talks about how much she misses Alex and I to our grandparents, saying I'm on the other side of the world and Alex is on the other side of the country. In the mean time, the sky gets stormy and seems like a tornado might occur. I'm still in the warehouse talking now.