Date: 8/19/2019

By animalgirl3645

Me and my family were on a ship for some reason? And I remember only having 1 brother, which I have 2. And I also had a tiny dog, it had white fur and I was pretty convinced it was a he. All was going well, we were having fun. I was in a dress, I almost looked like I was a 6 year old! After a while, we saw a fin sticking out of the water. Then another, and another! Soon there was a whole swarm of sharks, the ship was on the news. I was a character, but I also remember some parts where it seems like I was watching television. I found a highly unlikely way of getting out alive, we’d jump off the opposite side of the ship, hopefully the sharks wouldn’t notice. Actually it worked! I couldn’t find my parents, but I was with my dog and brother. I ended up having to throw my dog overboard. I carried my brother through the water half way, then the dog. We did get to the shore, to find our parents. That’s really the end of the dream.