Gangs, rape, and my protective boyfriend

Date: 4/9/2017

By emjaynehill

I was in a really weird place which looked very strange and dark, like the mansion from 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' (I think it was) when group of men came out of nowhere, some of them holding my boyfriend back and one of them raping me. My boyfriend was shouting, "STOP!" and I was crying and looking at my boyfriend, both of us having a conversation with eye-contact. "Stop!" my boyfriend kept screaming. Finally, he said: "If you stop, I'll do anything," to which the gang member who was raping me said, "You'll work for us?" and my boyfriend agreed. I wanted to tell him not to but the man had his hand over my mouth. He pushed me towards my boyfriend and I hugged him, still crying. We walked home together but I knew he'd have to leave again soon. One of the gang members managed to find my house (somehow) and she stood outside, my boyfriend went to talk to her so I just looked out the window. I knew he didn't want to do this so I started to cry and feel really guilty. I went with him, I said there was no way I was letting him leave without me because I was scared of what they'd do. They let me stay, under one condition: I wasn't to say a word. I'm pretty sure they were making him kill someone, but I can't remember. "No, you don't have to do this," I said. The gang member wasn't happy, and he told me to leave. My boyfriend agreed. "Maybe you should go babe, I'll be okay. I promise you I'll come find you when I'm done," he said. And he did. A few days later, he appeared at my gate and I hugged him, I was very happy to see him. He praised me for how brave I'd been through all this, and then told me he had a surprise for me; that's when he handed me the most beautiful puppy I'd ever seen. "He's yours," he said. "I got him for you." I cried with happiness, hugging my new puppy and my boyfriend at the same time. My tears turned to tears of sadness when he told me he had to leave again, but this time he didn't know how long for. He gave me the puppy to cuddle with whilst he was gone, and I loved that, but it still broke my heart to see him walk away. That's when I woke up.