Date: 2/28/2019

By CocoFuze

My name was Masir and I was late to the double decker bus. I showed my barcode and ticket. They said my seat was no longer open and that they would have to have me in seat 26. At the top of the bus. I got on the bus to find my seat an saw my boyfriend and our new born baby girl. I told him that they had to change my seat. We had our first stop for bathroom breaks. We asked if my boyfriend could sit with me. They let him. The bus started moving again and we started talking. He wanted to show me something on his phone. It was a present for me. The bus stopped a couple more times. We kissed and he quietly played with my clit. Then he ordered plain grits and chicken for our daughter. I ordered chicken in grits for myself. The bus took its stop at its final destination and we got off. We both went to the restroom and met up again. We raced in hot air balloons to the place that we were staying