royal family?

Date: 8/27/2017

By carpetbathroom

i don't remember the order of everything here i was in a house with a many tiered pool, didn't have pants? and was trying to avoid the other people there royal babies being born: choosing names (Q for girl, two letters for boy) but there were two babies so it didn't make sense to me. there were glittering frosted cakes. the mother may have been catherine, who got married in the dream? i wasn't at the wedding but i had a thing full of pictures. some of my other cousins had some royal titles as well. there was a room that was divided, there was a sort of roof? and one part was sort of a pool, hot tub. there was a tunnel in that part and the walls of the room were a cool brown, wood paneling with some plants maybe? cassidy was there i was in a room with tables laid out in a U shape, i was sitting right by a corner. the girl next to me on the corner told me i had nice tits? i pulled out the thing of wedding photos (none were actually of the wedding) to show people but then they blew away. we started watching something on a screen? it was a sort of goggle view of a snowy mountainside and my first thought was that it was overwatch (why?) but then the camera flipped around to reveal about five people on one long snowboard. then i was on the mountain skiing down it. i remember thinking abt liliya towards the bottom. somehow i climbed a set of stairs with my skis on and tried to get on the lift. i thought i was going to be on a chair with a little girl but then i was on the lift without a chair. i was holding on somehow, partially to the chair in front of me, and asked for help. i looked behind me and saw the little girl on a small child sized lift chair and realized i was the only one who needed help. we were pretty far off the ground and i didn't feel like i was going to fall but i was alarmed. the people on the chair in front of me did nothing. i was hoping they would yell to stop the lift but they didnt.