Frozen Ship

Date: 8/9/2017

By lizmorgan2005

I awoke on a ship, laying on the floor inside below deck. It was ice cold inside. I stood up and walked up the stairs. I opened the latch and struggled to open the actual door. I eventually busted it open and saw that everything around me was frozen. "No survivors were found on that ship, sir." A man in the distance said. "Just check it again. My daughter was on that ship and she has to be alive." I heard my father say. "Just go home already. No one could have survived this long on that boat. It was frozen solid in ice." The other man said. "Dad!" I yelled. He didn't hear me. Neither of them did. "Dad!!" I yelled even louder. Someone's hand was placed on my shoulder. I spun around to see a girl. She had to be at least 15, 3 years older than me. "They can't hear you." "Why not?" I asked her. "Because we both died on that ship. We don't belong here. Let's go." She said, walking away from me and towards a mysterious glowing white light. She stopped. "Come with me and I assure you'll see you father again soon. You can see your mother. Wouldn't you like that?" I nodded and followed her. Before I stepped into the giant ball of light, I took one last look at my dad. He and my brother stood crying. I stepped into the light and I was gone.