Date: 1/23/2019

By ayu55

At first it was just some random alien dream then I saw my bird Himu, & 3 more Himus & a brown mix breed puppy under the bed besidemy Himus, me & my sis concluded it was a dream since the bird died 2 years ago. As I wake up from my dream , I wander around & probably wake up again. I feel my muscles tense and contract, I try to breathe slowly as I take in the moist humid air of Guwahati. My body seems to be eased & relaxed. I notice my mom & dad sleeping on the couch together with a red blanket ( we don't have red blankets). I go outside to my veranda and I saw 2 girls playing badminton, the sky was grey & windy. I was thinking to myself 'ah dreams are much more adventurous and fun than real life ' & then I woke up in the real life. whoa....