I am Bella Swan I guess

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

I was watching myself run through a freezing forest from some other point of view. I started to slow down running, then I froze completely. I started to thaw out starting with my hair, and when I was completely thawed out, my hair was long and shiny and curly, and my eyes were red (I assumed I had turned into a vampire). I kept running until I got to what looked like the bandroom, but the floor was all ice. Carson was sitting with his legs in a hole in the ice and I asked him if he was okay because I think I was running from something bad. He said he was all right in a sarcastic tone sort of. I told him to get out of the water and when he did, he used his hands to pull himself back out of it, and he was missing both of his legs from above the knee. I then walked over to my dad who was missing one hand and the thumb and another finger on his remaining hand. While he was talking to me and pointing at a gold band around his ring finger, I looked across the room to see my mom leaning on the shelf for the music folders (who wasn't missing any limbs) , then I wondered why I wasn't craving human blood if I had turned into a vampire. And I woke up.