Mole rats

Date: 9/8/2019

By Anathorx

Excuse my sentence structure lol I was out trucking me and my co driver were at a gas station in the middle of a desert with a big hill on the side we heard warning on the radio about the end of the world we were walking back from the gas station to the truck and then hear big explosion and the ground shake cars started flying over the hill crashing around us we started running to the truck but as we did it felt farther and farther away some cars were on fire it was wicked my co driver got to the truck and it was almost like tremors the movie with the giant worms but instead it was a ton of mole rats that were mutated there was a guy in front of me the they dug to him and it stopped then they would hop out they were like 3 feet tall then stuck there tongue out and it would wrap around there neck and into there mouth and they would just suck your fluids dry I ran back into the gas station it was almost like a hotel with hall ways and rooms I had to protect this young girl I heard her scream I ran to the rooms and I check the closet and she was just hanging there while they were just eating her it was pretty graphic I got a pick axe and just started going ape shit I ran outside and the dream shifted I was walking with two friends I still had the pickaxes day they had a sledge hammer and a hoe we were in a park doing landscaping or something like that he said I bet I can throw this hammer really far so he did it landed on the other side of this fence I went to grab it and there were a group of islanders hanging out they asked me why I was going around they though we were trying to throw the hammer at them then I saw a friend of mine from high school I said dude don’t hangout with these guys they are bad news then they said hey Leki which was his name kick this guys ass i turned to the leader and I said how about I challenge you instead he laugh then put his hands up I hit him in the face twice then he backed off someone gave him the hammer and I was like naw that’s not fair I grab my pick axe then the dream shifted we were all back in the hotel where the mole rats were then I knew they caused the mole rats to come he hit my in the head with the hammer and I got back up while they were all laughing I said I’m not a bitch I’m the executioner the pick axe started to split at the point and it became an axe head if you have ever played fable the lost chapters there is pickaxe axe and that’s how it looked I started to slaughter all these people each right in the face I was covered in blood I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge and had some candy then I woke up ha pretty crazy dream