Basically Star Wars

Date: 12/27/2017

By caitlynm14117

I was at home with my dad and I remember looking out of the windows on our front door and seeing the Star Destroyer in the red-orange sky. My dad decides he wants to join the Empire, so he left for the Star Destroyer. Before he left though, he told me he would come back and kill me. (The Empire wanted to kill everyone who wasn’t in the Empire. So this is basically the plot of The Force Awakens.) Then I stayed home alone for a long time before deciding I would go to school because it was probably safer than my house. When I got there I went to the bottom of the stairs and everyone was there: My mom, my grandmother, people from my school and what was left of their families. We stayed there for a while and I remember writing “The end of the world 2k17” on the floor. Then my dad came back, and I knew I was dead for sure. He dragged me away from the school, but he didn’t kill me. Instead he took me to the Star Destroyer. As I was walking with my dad to wherever he was taking me on the ship, I saw kids’ heads hanging from the ceilings of cages by their hair. Each cage had a name tag, and I saw one of my friends in there. Oddly enough, the heads were still alive. Then we came to a game, where my dad left me. In this game there were about five carnival booth type stalls with two girls in each stall. They had hoops above each of their heads, but the difficulty varied due to height and awnings placed around the hoops. You had to try to throw this apple-peach fruit in the hoops. While I was playing I realized the girls were captives like me, and the other people playing were Empire members. Then all the Empire people left, and all the captives were standing in a line. There were stairs in front of us, and this guy in a brown hooded cloak comes down them and stands before us. Then a guy in a red hooded cloak appeared opposite him with his back to us. For some reason I knew I couldn’t look at whatever was going to happen between the two hooded guys, so I looked down at my feet. Then they removed their hoods, and I could see a blinding light. The girls beside me, not having looked away, either fell to their knees or dropped their apple-peaches they were still holding. Then the hooded people were gone, and the captives were standing in a group in front of this hippie guy. (If you want a visual, he kind of looked like Jack Casady from Jefferson Airplane.) I’d seen this guy earlier and then he’d told me to come with him, but I hadn’t because I thought he was going to tell me about Jesus or something like that. At any rate, he was here now, and he told us he would help us. He was part of the Resistance. He made us each pick out a notebook for some reason, so I picked out a Greta Van Fleet one. Then he got us back to Earth. But then I woke up.