Slumber Party with Betsy

Date: 7/4/2017

By toxxicduck

In my second dream of the night, I was with my childhood friend Betsy (I keep dreaming about her lately, even though I haven't seen her in like 10 years), except she looked exactly like my sister, instead of herself. I was at her house I think, having a slumber party. I only remember the bathroom in detail. Her bedroom was just a blank white room as far as I recall. I remember using her bathroom at one point and it was a big public restroom inside of her house. The stalls were made out of steel grating. I pooped in one of the stalls while she was in there at the mirror, and was subconscious about her hearing me pooping 😂. Then we were in her bedroom and we were exchanging clothes. She picked a shirt of mine that was black with long pink sleeves. It had a band name on the back of it, and I did not want her to borrow that one because it was special to me, from a concert I went to. Then I got a vision of the concert I was at as I told Betsy about it. They were a emo punk pop band made up of real life vampires. Back in Betsy's room, she refused to give me back the shirt and acted the same way my sister does when she borrows my clothing without asking, all like "I'm just going to wear it anyway and not listen to you" and it was really frustrating.