Amazing dream

Date: 1/19/2017

By mugen_

I can't remember all the details. T'was a while back last year, but anyway; We were at our house, in Kisumu, around night time. There was a door, usually that leads to the kitchen, but this time, inside was a whole fairy tail fantasy setting. Huge, green fields and hills, and I think it was night there too. Sitting on a hill, I was watching the hunger games, from a big screen floating in the sky. I remember trying to get as comfortable as possible. I remember leaving the room, back into the hallway of our house. My mum and my sister were there, talking to me. My mum was probably lecturing me on some stuff, idk, lol. Anyway, we went back into the room, and there was my dad, a giant, close to a vision of a god. I don't know why, but I had to fight him. My mum and sister were pleading, but I ignored them and stepped up to fight against my dad. I remember put on this stance, and it was so real, like a reckoning of my true self, abilities. My body went weak all over, as if I was skilled somehow in martial arts, you know, flow like water sort of thing. Anyway, we fought. It wasn't ordinary, we were flying all around, exchanging blows, defending strikes, fighting in all sorts of angles. I ended up defeating him(Of course, lol) and the fight was over. I found myself in the hall way, and I opened the door again. This time, the hills had disappeared .. at the front, was only the face of my father . It was dark all over, lest for a mass of water through which I waded towards him. You could hear the crickets and what not. I can't remember what was said, but it was like a symbol of acceptance. I didn't feel emotional though. Standing there in the water, I sank, into like an abyss of water. like an ocean, I was sinking down, watching the surface, the light disappearing. I was then shrouded in darkness all around, until I sunk past the bottom of the ocean. I mysteriously landed outside our house. I was then lucid and proceeded to do stupid things until I was woken up by my neighbours I think?