I Guess Money Can Buy Love

Date: 4/21/2017

By kodokushoujo

The dream started out early in the morning in my supposed college dorm. The maid wakes me up with her dark brown hair and her dark eyes. I'm supposedly Russian with this thick accent. So I get up but I'm always late to class. In this world, you have to have money to marry a woman. Many poor women crawled in the marriage offices demanding men in there to marry them in hopes of switching their financial situations. Anyway I don't remember how I met the woman I fell inlove with in the dream but I believe we were already friends. We did everything together.. from walking with our arms interlocked to me picking up her favorite hobbies. however, we were limited to what we could do because we weren't married and she's gotten many men trying to buy her. To make a long story short, I ended up slaving for $8,000 to marry her. I went inside the marriage office which was built with clay and a lady grabbed my ankle demanding I marry her. I count the money and hand it over to the guy who works there. She smiles and I almost start tearing up. I carry her out and we go back to the college auditorium with smiles stretching from both sides of our faces. I don't think I smiled like that in a while.