Cookies with my name on them

Date: 2/10/2019

By Lazy

I’ve been having a lot of dreams lately, but I forget them before I have the chance to write them down. This one’s still fairly fresh. I’m at a hotel with my family, and I believe my family that lives 9 hours away as well, which was really nice because I miss them a lot. I’ve been to this hotel in my dreams before, so I know that they have a buffet. I get onto an elevator and I go to the “breakfast options” floor. This time, it’s not a beautiful elegant buffet. It’s a table with some cookies, and another table, with more cookies, and some olives, crackers, cheese, etc. There’s really not much. So, I just take cookies. My brother’s sitting across the table, playing the Nintendo Switch when he tells me that my parents and my uncle had them print my name on the cookies. It’s says Kaitlyn. M on all of them, and they taste delicious! They had them on a rectangle shaped cookie and an oval. My mom then came down and said they were going to try printing them on lemon bars tomorrow. I asked if I could take the case of my cookies home, and she said she had a plan for that. She talked about how my aunt found a watermelon that was too heavy to pick up, moved my plate to the side and then I started to wake up, which was a really sad moment because I was a little too excited about those cookies, they were just mind blowing to me. The only downside to this dream is that my ex boyfriend was around for almost all of it. It got really annoying because even if I hinted that he needed to go because I was with family, or straight up told him “you should get going now,” he stuck around. It’s very reflective of real life honestly, but I don’t like reality in my dreams.