Extra Lyrics, Wrong Kitten, Secret Photos

Date: 4/9/2017

By seascarlet

1: I was listening to the song Kokomo, and it had its usual lyrics (Bermuda, Jamaica, ooo I wanna take you etc.), but then there was a lyric about how Las Vegas is always trying to sell people vacations to Mexico and you shouldn't believe it because it's a scam. I thought that's weird, I've heard that song a million times and I don't remember those lyrics. 2: My family had a cat that had recently had kittens. I was holding up a white fluffy one and telling my mom I wanted to name it, but she also wanted to name it. We settled on an agreement that she would choose ten names, and I would pick my favorite of the ten. Afterwards though realized I had started holding a gray one at the end of our conversation, and she would mistakenly be picking names for that one instead. I was annoyed and upset because it was the white one I wanted to give a name to. 3: I was in high school, but it looked like my middle school. I had a black notebook in my desk full of my writings and poetry, and large printed photographs of myself and various friends. A friend asked to borrow it and look through it. I can't remember if the friend was male or female. It seems like it kept switching between different people I know irl. The contents felt personal, but I hesitantly agreed. A few minutes later I realized some of the photos were of me topless, and there were even pornographic ones of me and someone else, maybe an ex boyfriend or two. I panicked and went back to the friend, explaining that I had to get those pictures out. I got them out and was carrying them in my hand face down through the hall to take them home or otherwise get rid of them. An assistant principal near the office stopped me and asked what I was holding. I said something to the effect that these were private photos that I didn't realize were in one of my notebooks. I refused to show them to him and said I just needed to get rid of them. He asked why I couldn't just throw them away in the office, as though he didn't trust me to get rid of them. I hesitantly agreed and ripped them up several times as I went into the office, and threw them away in a large lidded trashcan in the back. As I left I felt very worried and suspicious that he and other office staff would get them out and look at them, either for their own perverse pleasure, as evidence to suspend me, or both.