Never Gonna Give You Up

Date: 3/8/2017

By frankreynolds

The dreamed opened up with Sarah (my girlfriend) and I running down a square flight of stairs. The narrator (assuming it was my voice) was telling a story about a kid who skipped a day of college and snuck into the Grammys using a fake ID. At the bottom of the stairwell was a doorway which led into a long carpeted hallway. On the right side of the hallway was a set of double doors, guarded by a thin man in a suit. Sarah pushed past me and pulls out a fake work ID. The man is clearly skeptical but Sarah is impatient. She starts to walk through the doors as the security guard's manager approves the ID. The room we enter is a theater with many rows of red cushioned chairs and a stage near the front. I lock eyes with Jamie (former teacher) as I approach my seat. She gives me a disapproving stare which could only be directed at my choice to bring Sarah along. I look back at Sarah and she's wearing the most beautiful black dress. She looks absolutely stunning. Jamie is obviously just jealous of Sarah. Just as we get to our seats, I see Kelsey. I tell Sarah we should say hello before the show starts. We each greet Kelsey with a big hug and she decides to join us at our seats. The show starts but it is no longer the Grammys, it is THON. The announcers say they have a huge musical guest and everyone erupts into cheers. Rick Astley sprints on stage singing, "We're no strangers to love...". I am unbelievably excited. Sarah says she's never heard of Rick Astley. I can't believe it. After I woke up, I texted Sarah that I had a dream in which she didn't know who Rick Astley was. She responded, "Who?"